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Pinnarp Camping is located in the province of Östergötland. This province is called ‘little Sweden’  because here you can find all the landscape variations of the whole of Sweden. You can find ancient broad-leaved woods, coniferous forest, pasture land, rocks, caves, hills and countless lakes. Around here is where Sweden began so there is also a rich history to Östergötland. There is so much to do here that it is not possible to put everything on here probably. But we will give it a try. We also advice you to visit Here there is lots more to find about this part of Sweden.

Walking- Around the campsite you can go for beautiful walks. The campsite is lying in the middle of the well-known hiking trail “Östgötaleden” (180 km). This trail takes you through the most beautiful and breathtaking places in this area. If this is a little to much for you, there are also six walking routes starting from the campsite. Varying between 4 and 17 km.

Cycling- Cycling is also a great activity to do from the campsite. There are some cycling routes but we do know more good places to go on bike. Just ask us! If you did not bring youre own bike you can also rent one here.

Canoeing/Kayaking- The beautiful lake is perfect to explore by canoe or kayak. You can visit the island with it’s own small sandy beach, paddle along the coastline or go past the bridge to Nedre Föllingen. There is also a small coffeebar where you can enjoy a nice break(only open in the summer).

Fishing- Most lakes in Sweden offer great opportunities for fishing. Our lake at the campsite is definitly one of them. You can catch pike (caught a lot here…), pikeperch, perch, and other sorts. In the Sommen Lake you can find a large variety of fish, including various sorts of trout and salmon. To fish you do need a fishing licence. For the lake here you can by them on the campsite.

Driving- If you wanna see the surroundings, but the weather is not so good or you feel a bit to relaxed to be active. Then you can go on a drive on some beautiful roads. We have some maps of great driving routes available and we can give you tips for more possibillities.

Pippi Longstocking’s World- The stories and fairy-tales of Astrid Lindgren have fascinated children and adults for many generations. In the world of Astrid Lindgren stories become reality in surroundings which are familiar to everyone. Here you can see Pippi, Emil, Madieke, Karlsson on the Roof, Ronja and many others. Here you can meet them in real, and play and run around with them. Youre children can experience the adventures, just like Astrid Lindgren tells them in her books. The park is located in Vimmerby which is about 45 min. away. For more info visit there website:

Pippi Longstocking’s Näs- If you wanna know more about where all the stories started. You can also visit the childhood home of Astrid Lindgren. This is where she got the inspiration for many of her stories and books. This is where she heard the stories and met many of the people and settings that laid the foundation for her books. This is where she climbed the lemonade tree and played with her siblings in the woodshed. This is where she jumped in the hay and listened to stories in Kristin’s kitchen. Fore more info, please visit:

Virum Moose/Älgpark- Of course we know you wanna see a wild moose but that is quite difficult. Even thow they are really big, they are great at hiding in the forest. In the early morning our evening we know some spots you can go to have a small change at spotting them. But we do not guarantee you will see them. So an easier way to see (and touch) them in real life is by going to Virum Moosepark. Here the animals are well cared for and kept in a wide natural area. More info on:

Vimmerby Adventure- Do you feel up for an adventure! On the old location of Nils Holgerssons Park you will find Vimmerby Adventure. Here you will find: Sweden’s biggest and safest high rope course, 8 different routes with over 80 obstacles, Xtreme 18 meter high course (minimum age 16), Children’s course for kids over 100 cm tall, Over 1500 meter of ziplines, 14 meter free fall. Look for more info on:

Cafe Columbia And Kisa Emigrant Museum- Located in one of the oldest buildings in Kinda with a rich cultural heritage. It started of as a pharmacy already in the 18th Century. In the 1840´s this building housed the first Emigration Office of Sweden and on display in the museum are letters, photos, documents and objects from the first organised emigration from Kisa to North America. Carl Gustaf Sundius, a pharmacist with radical ideas, influenced the farmer and miller Peter Cassel to emigrate with a company of 21 persons and in doing so, he paved the way for the big wave of emigration from Sweden to North America already in 1845. More info on:

Kinda Kanal- The Kinda Kanal flows through the beautiful Östergyllen. From the oak landscape and the wide plains of the north to the scenic forest countryside to the south. The distance is 43 distance minutes or about 8 km if you prefer that way of measuring. Previously, the canal was important as a transport route for timber and what agriculture provided. You can find more info on:

Swedish Airforce Museum- The Swedish Air Force Museum is a modern technical and cultural history museum where knowledge and play come together in a natural way. The Flight Lab, the museum’s science centre, has flight simulators and experimentation stations with an aviation theme. What goes on in the air control tower and what is it like to be in the eye of a storm? Investigate, try it out and have fun! There is a lot to do and discover for the whole family. More info on:

Gamla Linköping- Travel in time and experience life in a small Swedish city a hundred or more years ago. In the Old Town neighbourhood you will find wooden houses, cobblestone alleys, gardens and many museums. Here too are shops and crafts, a restaurant and café. A short walk through the Vallaskogen nature reserve takes you to Valla Farm, with museums showing the history of the countryside, farm animals, a large play area and a miniature golf course. Fore more info look at:

Kolmården Wildlife Park- Nestled in the beautiful countrysidesouth of Stockholm, is Kolmården Wildlife Park. Covering 1.5 square kilometers and home to countless animal species, thrilling rides and magical shows Kolmården is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries. For more info go to:

Eksjö-  The Old Town has historical settings around every turn. Cobblestone leading between the sun-warmed wooden walls, creaking doors and irregular alleyways. The courtyards, as many are open to the public, have much to tell about how life once was like in Eksjo. Tanneries, shoemakers and butchers are now replaced with cafes, restaurants and small shops – but the feeling of old times are still there. For more info check out:

Sommen Lake- This lake is known as Sagolika Sommen, which means Magical Sommen. The water in this lake is so clean, that you can drink it right out of the lake. In size, lake Sommen is the 15th largest lake of Sweden. The landscape and coastline have a sensational beauty. There are various heights from where you have a beautiful view over the whole lake. By car you can drive around the lake. This is one of the most beautiful roads in the whole of Sweden. The lake has a total of 365 islands. The best known island “Torpön” has an aquarium where you can observe all fish from the Sommen lake. Here you will also find a scale model of the lake, as well as information about the region.

Per’s Mechanical Cabinet- In an old preserved country shop, Per and Anna Helldorff exhibit fascinating wooden art, pictures, art postcards and handcrafted items. Picture a room full of wind-up wooden models that enact little scenes for you. Cogs, levers, seesaw and more. We quarantee smiles and laughter. Don’t miss the Mechanical Goat, the Handcranked HomeCinema and the Frog&Bookcabinet. A small example of his work is hanging in the reception building at our campsite. For more info check out:

Bjorkfors Arthouse- Between the lakes Åsunden and Björken lies the magnificent Lindgården in the beautiful village of Björkfors. Here, artist Madeleine van Nigtevecht creates exciting sculptures and colorful paintings in her studio. The theme of her creations is often relationships, nature and body integrity.