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Low High
Check in after 12.00
Check out before 12.00
All prices are per night, in SEK and include power, shower / warm water, WIFI etc. 15/6 – 15/8
 Reservations in July/Aug. are paid on arrival (cabins will always be paid on arrival)
Tent 1 small tent, 2 pers, no electricity 140 180
Big caravan / camper / tent
1 big object, 4 pers, incl electricity 230 285
Extra person  (person nr 5 etc on the camp spot) 25 25
Sleepingtent  (on the camp spot SEK 50 p/n, max SEK 250) 0 50
 Dog / pets  (on a leash at all times, and cleaned up after!)  0  0
 Reservations 7+ nights are paid on arrival
Late check out 16.00 Only possible if your spot is not booked on the day of your departure 50
Seasonal spot 1/4 – 1/10, excl. electricity,  incl Camping Key Europe (value SEK 160). Contact us for more information. 9600
Electicity (season spot) p/KWH afterwards 1,80
  • 1 object per spot.
  • Children under 2 are free.
  • Pinnarp Camping is car fee, except for the tent area (no elec.). If you find this a problem, we have spots close to the parking lot.
  • If you prefer a spot for example close to the playground, you are welcome to tell us with your booking, so we can plan this for you (if possible)!

Stugas / Cabins

Check in after 15.00
Check out before 12.00
All prices are per night, in SEK and include shower / warm water, WIFI etc.
 Cabins are paid on arrival  incl. cleaning
Ministuga 2P (8 m2) Max. 2 pers (children included) 300 1x 100 per cabin
Ministuga 4-5P (15 m2) Max. 4-5 pers (children included) 500
Bed Linen per set 60 60
Holidayhome 5-7 pers 30 km from campsite  For more information click on the “camping” page above
  • All stugas are animal free, without shouwer or toilet and for the maximum number of people as mentioned above.
  • Pinnarp camping is car free, this also applies around the stugas.
  • The beds need to made with your own or rented linnen (Blankets and pillows are in all stugas).
  • No animals allowed in our cabins!
  • Cabins need to be left cleaned, or for only SEK 100 per cabin, we will do it for you.

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