Nature and Culture

Nature & Culture

The Kinda region has marvelous landscapes, sensational views, endless trails for hiking and biking, picturesque houses and buildings and 250 lakes where you can swim, fish, canoe, or simply enjoy a picnic and the view. A small selection of special places in the region:

Sommen Lake
Where: Sommen district
Traveltime: 20 minutes

This lake is known as Sagolika Sommen, which means Magical Sommen. The water in this lake is so clean, that you can drink it directly without a problem. In size, lake Sommen is the 15th lake of Sweden. The landscape and coastline have a sensational beauty. There are various heights from where you have a beautiful view over the whole lake. All around the lake there are many sights. By car you can drive around the lake. This is something we can highly recommend, for this road is one of the most beautiful roads in the whole of Sweden! It takes you right along the coastline, and treats you on beautiful views along the way. The lake has a total of 365 islands. The best known island “Torpön” has an aquarium where you can observe all fish from the Sommen lake. Here you will also find a scale model of the lake, as well as information about the region by means of touch screen technology.

Humlehög Ravine
In the direct surroundings of the camping you can find one of the area’s geological sights, an 800 meter long ravine with steep walls where a river of ice cut its way into the hard rock. This ravine is located along the Östgöta trail.

Misterfalls Meadows
Also in the direct surroundings of the camping you will find one of Sweden’s best preserved ash meadows. In the summer time you will also find a large variety of butterflies here. From the camping you can hike to Misterfalls in about one hour (Misterfalls is about 80 meters higher up than the camping). You can also reach this place by bike or car.

Kisa Emigrant Museum / Cafe Columbia
Little museum in one of the oldest buildings of Kisa (18th century), which tells the story of the many emigrants from Sweden to America. In those times Kisa was the very first place in Sweden from where Swedish people emigrated to America. It is also the nr.1 place from where most people started their emigration adventure to America.

Kinda Canal
Where: Kinda
Travel time: 20 minutes

Kinda Canal is one of Sweden’s most beautiful waterways. It’s an unusual canal because it basically consists of 5 beautiful lakes, which are all connected together by means of canals. So, basically you move from one lake to the other. The canal is about 90 km long and the height that is being bridged is 50 meters! There are 15 locks in total. The Kinda Canal connects Roxen Lake with Åsunden Lake. In the summer months there are boat cruises between Rimforsa and Linköping.