The easiest way to contact us is by sending an email to the address below. We check our email on a daily basis. We always answer you but after the season it might be every other day.

(If you did not get any reply after 2-3 days, please try one more time, because then we might not have gotten your email or something went wrong)

You don’t speak Swedish? No problem! We speak Swedish, English, Dutch and German.

(you can even contact us in Danish or Norwegian, we will understand you but in that case we’ll answer you in Swedish or English (what you prefer))

Photo: Inge Koopman

Pinnarp Camping
Pinnarp Fritidsanläggning
590 39 Kisa

T: 0046  (0)494  43088


NB 57º 59′ 26”
OL 15º 31′ 05”  

57.99136 N
15.52025 E