Arts and Crafts

Art & Craft

Kinda is also known as a region where artists, craftsmen, painters, writers and other creative people love to stay. So, it will be no surprise that you can find many art and crafts exhibitions, as well as other expositions of creative works. Also, there are farms and other companies on the countryside, where people produce their own products, like marmalades, cheese, meat/fish, pastries and other delicacies. Many of these farms and companies open their premises during the summer, so you can see how the products are produced, and buy them.


The Shop in Svalsjö and Per’s Mechanical Cabinet.
Where: Svalsjö
Travel time: 10 min.

In an old preserved country shop Per and Anna Helldorff exhibit fascinating wooden art, pictures, art postcards, handcrafts, Per’s Mechanical Cabinet and a history of the shop. Café, with typical Swedish “fika” (candy & cookies).

Per’s Mechanical Cabinet is a room full of wind-up wooden model that enact little scenes for you. Cogs, levers, seesaw and more. We guarantee smiles and laughter. Don’t miss the Mechanical Goat, the Hand cranked Home Cinema and the Frog & Book cabinet.

The Shop and Cabinet is open from the end of May – second weekend in September


Hjortslunds Ateljéer, Pottery & Painting Studios
The studio is located in Hjortlund, a historic house in Kisa. The pottery and art/painting studio is run by Bertil & Anneli Jansson, two well-known local artists. Here you will also find a summer cafe.


HargOdlarna (farm & marmalade shop)
At the HargOdlarna farm they grow fruit. They use this fruit to produce a large variety of home-made marmalades. In the farm shop you can buy these delicious marmalades, as well as other products, like handcrafts from local craftsmen. There is also a summer café, where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.