Sweden…Pearle of Scandinavia
Sweden is a country with beautiful landscapes, countless lakes, and fascinating rock formations. It’s the perfect place to be when you are looking for peace and quietness, as Sweden is one of the least inhabited countries of Europe.

The climate is very pleasant. Sweden has a land climate, which brings cold winters and warm summers. Sweden has more hours of sun than countries like Holland, England, Germany, and even France! Also, there is less rain! People don’t expect this from a Scandinavian country, but Sweden actually has a perfect holiday climate.


Photo: Annika Seegers

Photo: Annika Seegers

Pinnarp Camping is located in the province of Östergötland. This province is called ‘Sweden in miniature’ by the Swedes, because here you can find all the landscape variations of the whole of Sweden. Nature is very diverse here. You can find ancient broad-leaved woods, coniferous forest, pasture land, rocks, caves, hills and countless lakes.

It’s absolutely a beautiful, enchanting area, where you can expect to stand eye to eye with a deer, moose, fox, wild boar or one of the many other animals who live out here in nature.

Do you prefer to walk? Then this is the place to be. Östergötland is an Eldorado for hikers. Our camping is lying in the middle of the well-known hiking trail “Östgötaleden” (180 km). This trail is taking you to the most beautiful and breathtaking places in this area. But of course it’s also possible to enter the Swedish nature by (mountain)bike or canoe, and enjoy all that Sweden has to offer.

Photo: Annika Seegers

Photo: Annika Seegers

A favorite activity which mainly takes place in August and September, is the picking of all kinds of delicious fruits in the Swedish nature, like blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, wild strawberries, and so on. The most favorite activity however is the picking of chanterelles, a delicious mushroom, which is considered a delicacy by the Swedes.

At the campground you can look around in our information corner, and orient yourself concerning all possible activities and excursions in the region. There are also maps available for biking and hiking. We have a large selection of brochures which you can take with you and read through. The local tourist information can provide you with more information if necessary.

If you already want to read about some popular activities and sights, please read on….

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